Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December 22, 2019



Stash Duell (“Us, We, Our”) values the privacy of our users, as a result, we are using this Privacy Policy to detail how we collect, use and disclose the information of our users on our website or the mobile application. Our intention is to aid your decision making as you consider and continue to use our platform.

Information Collected

This Privacy Policy is in effect at all times and is applicable to every information you provide to us during your use of our service whether through our website or mobile platform. We will utilize the information you provide to identify and personalize your preferences, the information may include:


your name; email address; date of birth; billing information; contacts you choose to submit; profile photo; username; location; your preferences; submissions to various competitions and promotions; responses to surveys; communications sent to us by you; your subscriptions to newsletters and services offered by us; and other related information about you when you participate in the various challenges and activities we offer


As a requirement for our operation, we may request and collect information for the purpose of verifying your personal information to comply with applicable regulations. As a result of this compliance, it will be mandatory to provide such information when requested to ensure your use of our service is not interrupted. The information may include:


passport information; driving license information; other identification documents; permanent and temporary address; tax-related information; and other information as may be required to verify you in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Information such as mobile device information, operating system, GPS location, app usage and frequency may be collected. As it is customary to allow login through social networking sites such as Facebook, we may collect you user ID and other information you make public or authorize such platforms to share with us.


When you choose to visit our website, we may identify your browser by sending cookies to your device. These cookies may be used by your browser during future visits, but can be removed at any time through directions provided by the web browser.


Personal information collected will be used to enhance the functionality of our platform and may be used to provide you with updates about our products and services, respond to you inquiries, and personalize your experience. In order to keep you up to date with our product improvement, we may send you alerts, emails, advertising content or contact you about third party products and services we think may interest you.

How Stash Duell Uses Your Information

Your information will be used to enhance and augment our products and services, including creating new functionality based on analyzing your usage trend and feedback provided. Your information may be pooled with other users’ information for insight and reporting on the activities preferred by our aggregate users. All information retained or backed up as part of a security storage may be our possession for as long as necessary to ensure data integrity and safety.


Our business depends on affiliates and third parties to operate our platform, we may disclose your information for the purpose of enabling you with access to our products and services. These companies may collect banking information to comply with laws and regulations, and to provide you with the full access to our platform’s functionality. Our affiliates are required to keep your information safe at all times and will use reasonable efforts to ensure the security of your information.


When you win a challenge and are rewarded by us, we may use your information to notify other users and potential users of your winnings as a means of promoting our business and in accordance with applicable regulations.


The information you provide us will be available for other users to identify you publicly on our platform and may be included on a list of participants, challengers or winners. You agree that this information (such as username) will be searchable and made available to other users in a public manner.


Whenever required by law or statute, court order or subpoena, Stash Duell shall have the right to disclose your information. In the presence of situations where we believe a disclosure is necessary in good faith, as in the case of disputes or claims with third parties, affiliates or as a precaution to protect ourselves against liability, to report violations or misconducts, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information.


Users’ Choices and Security

Your personal information will be handled in ways that further our legitimate interests’ in commercial activities, based on your implied consent and in ways that do not limit your fundamental rights. You will always have the choices to access and update your personal information. We may send you push notifications that can be turned on or off at your discretion on our platform. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to parts or all of our marketing emails and newsletter communication, by using the ‘unsubscribe’ feature.


We encourage our users’ to take reasonable precaution to safe guard there information at all times, as we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of information transmitted online. However, we do take appropriate measures to ensure your information is protected when shared with us, by limiting the access to employees that requires such information for the performance of their job.


This Privacy Policy may be updated as needed and will be noted as “Last update” date above. Please review as often to check for changes. For any questions or comments, please contact us at